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Welcome to

Welkom bij Dit portfolio bevat Boeken, Tentoonstellingen, Illustraties, Etsen en Drukwerk, Animaties en Filmpjes. Veel plezier. Welcome to This portfolio contains Books, Exhibitions, Illustrations, Etchings and Printjobs, Animations and Movies. Enjoy it while browsing around.

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Dialogues @DDW2012

When I was asked to speak for Dialogues House @DDW2012, I spoke about my fascination with animal behaviour as an ancestral, evolutionary and biological trace of what we could call the roots of morality. Deel 1 Deel 2...

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Let’s Play Innovation Blog

When Rutger Slump from de Baak, who was about to spend some research time in Boston, asked me to contribute to the Let's play innovation blog, I said: "Sure Rutger, great idea!" Below are the 24 something links to the blogposts that I wrote for the Let's Play Innovation blog....

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Hoe zie jij het Eye ?

Amsterdam is een markant gebouw rijker. Het Eye filminstituut. Ik ben nieuwsgierig. Hoe zie jij eigenlijk het Eye? Het gebouw heeft nog geen officieuze bijnaam. Om de discussie mild aan te wakkeren, heb ik de volgende simpele varianten even snel bovenop het EYE gebouw getekend....

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The office best fit for innovation

The office best fit for innovation, in my personal view…: … respects the reciprocal laws of nature … operates like a flock … is active in the cloud … has birds of a feather, still it is diverse … has at least one bird who is always heading the other way … has natural coordination but ...

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